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ETHERLIGHT by ANTIFAN-REAL ETHERLIGHT :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 1,087 99 Azurian Core by ANTIFAN-REAL Azurian Core :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 1,475 134 Neptune Skies by sirgerg Neptune Skies :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 942 95 Orbit - Redux by ANTIFAN-REAL Orbit - Redux :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 9,696 576 Abaddon by shirosynth Abaddon :iconshirosynth:shirosynth 621 235 Arrival by ANTIFAN-REAL Arrival :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 2,129 135 Jewel by sirgerg Jewel :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 791 68 Phoenix Nebula by sirgerg Phoenix Nebula :iconsirgerg:sirgerg 3,022 170 Grand Universe by ANTIFAN-REAL Grand Universe :iconantifan-real:ANTIFAN-REAL 4,368 390 Icarus's Wish by alyn Icarus's Wish :iconalyn:alyn 3,703 633 A Boy Brushed Red by AP123 A Boy Brushed Red :iconap123:AP123 1,076 127 Alpha and Omega 3 by shirosynth Alpha and Omega 3 :iconshirosynth:shirosynth 6,815 1,739 Artifacts by SamODJ Artifacts :iconsamodj:SamODJ 469 115 VASTNESS by DKF VASTNESS :icondkf:DKF 395 102 Exotika by DKF Exotika :icondkf:DKF 1,229 111 The Edge by DKF The Edge :icondkf:DKF 190 53

Our folder for exceptional space art from before 2010.
Enjoy the collection!

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:iconcosmicbound: Features by cosmicbound

Seed7 Starwars-heir-cover by SeedSeven Small Talk by Zamenabatareek +City of Thousands of Lights+ by ERA-7 High Train @ Noon by thraxllisylia Anythin city by Vagrantdick Sliventh Tribesmen by Art--Tool night by KHIUS S2150 - Duunheim Skyrise by AranniHK TVshow by Datem Warmer Times by ajcaparo Assembly by artofjokinen P226 by HrvojeBeslic Babiru_63 by duster132 Enceladus by GuilleBot Bounty Hunter by kerembeyit AI by pen77299 Ancient Sunset by Rowye ILM Art Department Challenge: The Job - Twelve! by MattRhodesArt Destiny 2 Cinematic - Concept Art by DmitryTsmokh Black Squadron - Star Wars by Madboni Charged Gate by toanng89 Astral Cove by MarioFegan Tunnel Entry by cat-meff Genesis: Lusitania by artbygp Frame 1. Surfacing by monsta87 The Sigian Bracelet - Alixxor by adamkuczek Black Ocean by MacRebisz Norilsk2089 CrystalCorp office by Sanchiko S.C.F by ptitvinc Foglands | Neo Tokyo XIV by MarkusVogt Dune by MarcSimonetti

:iconjenfruzz::icongejda::iconpullingcandy: Features by JenFruzz, Gejda, pullingcandy

Elysium by 4burakfe I Drove to Chicago by JoshDykgraaf Dream by abdulazez-dukhan The Carina Nebula in Narrowband Colours by turbulentvortex Discovering by QAuZ all is vanity III by vimark Alta 18 by ajonsaas The Taste Of Rust by TylerCreatesWorlds Dreamscape by KirenBagchee Neverland by A7md3mad Destiny 2 cosplay by Nebulaluben

L'arbre by FlorentLlamas Toxic the Widowmaker. by Pencil-Sketch-Pad Sherlock Violin by cybercrafts Celsius 13 - Mock Bookcover 05 by Jan-Wes over there! by leer5 Inside Every Recycle Bin .. by Crazy-Knife BB8 Stained Glass Lamp by mclanesmemories Scavengers by UnccleUlty Colony by RaV89 Peacefull rest by Nine-O-PoppyBox The View by xLocky Starfinder opener 02 by Satibalzane Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight by JessiBeans Commission : An Unknown World by DomDozz Flying dragon expert -Valley of the giant god- by TakayamaToshiaki

A Disaster in The Sun!!! {fragmentary}It happened again.
Another wobble of light
like a bubble of energy,
or however it worked.
I'm a photon, I can't think about scientific processes, duh.
Our new angel descended down
some green-blue marble, gave
them eyes sore with sight. With life.
The Clouds Hurt Too MuchThey told Georgie he couldn’t go outside anymore.  The clouds hurt too much, and besides only bad people went outside and he wasn’t a bad person now, was he?
Georgie shook his head, no, at the man in the red coat explaining this to him. Of course, you aren’t, you’re a good boy, the man said, reaching down to check Georgie’s pulse. His fingers lingered for longer than the recommended ten seconds, but Georgie was used to that, the man liked to be precise.
75 beats per minute, just as we said you should aim for, didn’t we? The man laughed and patted Georgie on the shoulder, hand heavy against Georgie’s clean, white, NotCot shirt. Make sure you keep getting enough rest this week, alright, the man said. We wouldn’t want you to fall behind at this point, not when you’ve been doing so well.
I can’t fall behind! Georgie said, smiling wide at the man, standing tall at five feet six, above average for his age and cohort.
The man no
Mechanical Shop6 o’clock. She went to smash snooze, but her alarm sprouted wings and flew away, blaring.
Downstairs, the wares began to rustle. Showtime.
Midnight AirThe world freezes in the arms of Time,
As if holding its breath, waiting for something –
Anything – to happen before the morning bells chime,
But there is nothing except a distant cricket-song and my own breathing
I gaze into the sky, sprinkled with stars like fragmented glass,
Stretching into a world undisturbed by mankind;
And as my toes curl into damp grass,
I contemplate the angelic world overhead, undefined.
A star is born every time we dream –
The sky never holds the same constellations twice
For we evolve, causing the night to gleam
With wonders and hopes of paradise

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